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Activate Youth

Welcome to Youth

We care about every teenager at Activate Youth and want everybody connected. If your teen is struggling to connect, we want to help them and take them on a journey.
Activate Youth is all about helping young people connect with God and we don't want anyone missing out.

Activate Youth is a fun and engaging space where our high school-aged young people can build their relationship with God and be championed by others their age.

Come along to our fortnightly Wednesday Groups (where we meet up in our age levels to study and discuss a whole range of relevant issues and topics) and fortnightly Friday - Up Roar (where we pump the volume, pump the games, praise God and hear from awesome speakers).


Term Two:

Fri 3 May | Up Roar (Prison Break)

Wed 8 May | Activate Groups

Fri 17 May | Up Roar (Worship Night)

Wed 22 May | Activate Groups

Fri 31 May | Up Roar

Wed 5 June | Activate Groups

Fri 14 June | Up Roar

Wed 19 June | Activate Groups

Frid 28 June | Up Roar

Wed 3 July | Social Activate Groups

For more info email Jay


For their safety, we'll ask you to register your teen when they attend, but you can pre-register now for a fast check-in.

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