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Growing from kids to youth 

We know the transition from tween to teen is a big one, but we believe it is an awesome time to discover just how real and relevant God is!

Sunday mornings 

Intermediates enjoy all the fun parts of Activate Kids on Sunday mornings and then separate out to their own program to grow and be discipled with leaders focused just on their age group.

Friday nights 

Intermediates run a super fun and social environment for your intermediate to meet new friends and to get connected with one another. We meet every second Friday night from 6:30-8:30pm, with a koha (donation). Stay connected with what intermediates are doing on a Friday night on the Intermediates Facebook page.


Term 2 Friday nights:

Friday | 3 May 2024 

Friday | 17 May 2024 

Friday | 31 May 2024 

Friday | 14 June 2024 

We have a great bunch of leaders who look forward to meeting your Intermediate really soon! 


For their safety, we'll ask you to register your child when they attend, but you can pre-register now for a fast check-in.  

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