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Whats next after "Yes"?

Discover Jesus in The Bible

We have a daily online bible reading ready to help you get started.

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Learn about Christianity

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Watch free videos online that answers
some big questions you might have.

Alpha is a course that unpacks Christian topics about Jesus, Faith, Prayer, Guidance, the Bible, the Holy Spirit and more. This is for new people to the church and non-church people, and also an excellent foundations course for anyone that has not had the basics of Christian teaching.

Episode 2 here

To continue watching the series we highly recommend following this link to complete the sign-up process. This will also save your progress.

Learn to talk to God

You can have personal
conversations with God (praying).

This App is an opportunity to try praying for seven days and to see what happens in your life. Prayer is a conversation with God. You don't need to use special words or a special voice. You can pray out loud or silently. God knows what you think and is familiar with all you do. You can talk to Him about anything.

Don't go it alone
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