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My Journey to here

Written by

Jacquie Haselden

About author

Jacquie is the leader of the Sozo and Healing Rooms ministries at Activate Church. She is passionate about seeing people healed from their past hurt.

My Journey to Here

Jacquie Haselden

When I was in my 20’s I was at a Christian Women’s event and a lady spoke a prophetic word over me that in the future I would be walking in a deliverance ministry bringing healing and setting people free. I remember looking behind me and wondering if this word was for someone else.

Many people say that a prophetic word should be put on a shelf to wait and see, but I wonder now if they are more like stepping stones to our destiny. Nevertheless, I did shelve that word and I left it there right through my 40’s when God began to stir up a hunger in me to seek Him. I had been nagging Him for a long time with questions like ‘is the supernatural real?’, and ‘are those powerful encounters people experience really from you God?’. One night He answered my prayers in a supernatural way.

I felt Jesus ask me “will you go?” and I replied “yes”. I then experienced a powerful supernatural encounter with Him, where He gave me a sword as a gift. I thought of the scripture in Hebrews which says the sword can discern the thoughts and intentions of the heart by putting God’s word into action. It was an amazing experience and the next morning I excitedly told my husband Nigel “the supernatural is real!” It was like being awakened from a slumber, to arise and seek God.   

So, we started taking steps to be trained and equipped in this area. We were involved in ministries like Father Heart, The Healing Rooms, and Sozo, which all have a common theme of healing, helping people be set free, and helping people discover the love of Father God.

I’ve had many personal breakthroughs myself as God prepared me for ministry. One day I heard a prophetic pastor say that she used to go to church and come home angry, and I thought ‘Wow, that’s me!’ I realised I too had been taking on other people’s stuff and thinking they were my own feelings and issues. And I’d been doing it my whole life! I discovered I had been discerning spiritual things and thinking it was me - the enemy had been trying to use this gift of Discernment to bring me fear and anxiety. As I learned how to use the gift properly, I could then discern what these things were and choose not to let them into my thinking or allow them to affect me by using God’s truth. This was life-changing for me!

I was healed from vertigo as I learned more about healing and freedom. While on a cruise ship, I was in a full elevator which stopped while going down. The lady in front of me was in a panic pushing all the buttons but nothing happened.  In my mind I heard “there will not be enough oxygen” and I felt my heart jump. Even though we all managed to get out of the elevator, from that moment on, I suffered terrible vertigo which went on for weeks. When I was back in New Zealand I asked for prayer and God showed me that I had let that fear affect me in the lift. I prayed a prayer of repentance and declared healing in its place. The next day the vertigo was completely gone and has never returned.

Now as leader of the Sozo and Healing Rooms ministries, I’ve found there are many ways God reveals the keys needed to unlock healing, and I have seen this countless times. “Sozo” simply means saved, healed and delivered in Greek, and it is a very gentle type of prayer ministry helps heal the broken hearted, set captives free and release prisoners (Isaiah 61). The Holy Spirit is the guide in a Sozo and when we offer prayer at The Healing Rooms. Sometimes we see instant healing, and other times Holy Spirit gives the keys to freedom which can come through showing where forgiveness is needed, where lies or wounds are hiding, or from other areas only He can access.

I’ve personally had about five Sozo’s where God has healed me from blockages, rejection, unforgiveness, lies I’ve believed, and negative influences I’ve allowed. The Sozo team has seen many people healed from the effects of trauma, especially from childhood. It’s like the little person inside is stuck and cannot move forward, but then Jesus comes to heal the trauma and replaces it with  freedom. Many people come to a Sozo feeling like they can’t hear God clearly and leave hearing God. We serve a wonderful, powerful, and supernaturally loving God.

My journey to leading these ministries began with a prophetic word, an encounter, steps of obedience, and a desire to see God move powerfully and supernaturally.  The obedience steps included saying ‘yes’ to be trained and then stepping up to lead. The prophetic words in my life have been like stepping stones to bring healing for others and myself.

After doing this for over 10 years now, I am always thrilled to see people supernaturally healed; the reason Jesus came “to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free” (Luke 4:8).

If you have received prophetic words over your life, consider how you can step out and say ‘yes’ to God, to partner with Him to be equipped for your destiny. Or, if you are feeling stuck or blocked, maybe The Healing Rooms or a Sozo ministry session is the thing you need to help bring the freedom for you to move forward.

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