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Our Global Legacy

This is what we are called to do as a church - we Activate Community Transformation in New Zealand and around the world.


We believe God has an extraordinary plan that He is outworking right now, with us and through us in this season, at this time. God is loving and restoring a broken world through our local activity. Through Activate Church, He is building a legacy for the community in our local area, in our nation and right around the globe. It is a legacy of transformation that will serve many generations to come after us, and we all have a part to play. 

Global Mission


Our Global Mandate is to make disciples, establish and strengthen churches, and extend the Kingdom of God as directed by the Holy Spirit.

Local Mission

You can support the local mission work being done by our wider Activate family:

Community Link Trust
Property Link
Little London Medical Clinic
Activate Education Group

Vision College


Nam and Anna Ho

Mission report 1 


Mission report 5


Mission report 2


Mission report 6


Mission report 3


Mission report 7


Mission report 4


Mission report 8

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