Activate Churches are open under Level 1 restrictions. See you at our next gathering!

Where We're Headed

We're heading towards community transformation.

We have a dream to support the holistic health and well-being of the community with health services, social services, education, a passionate church, and more!

He wāhi hāpai oranga o te iwi
A place to support the well-being of the community

Our vision is to build an open community campus that will see the needs of our local
community being met. Built on Christian values, the campus will be equipped to meet various needs of the local community, including spiritual, social, and medical needs. This open campus will be an expression of our mission: Activating Community Transformation by Wherever, whenever being like Jesus.

We see a campus that’s home to Activate Church - Hamilton, ATC (Vision College and Trainme), Activate College, CommunityLink Trust (including ParentLink, BudgetLink, FoodLink, TeenLink, PropertyLink), Activate Health and more!

We believe true hope is found in personal relationship with Christ. We also believe that it is our responsibility to wrap excellent quality practical services around this hope as an
expression of God’s goodness to our community.

Our vision is ambitious, unique, expansive, and it represents values of the Kingdom of God.

Our vision can be your vision. Together, we can move from dream to reality!