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Running with Jesus

Recently I ran in the Rotorua Marathon. During training for the event, I had an injury to my lower back disc. Four weeks out from the event I was considering pulling out, however after lots of physio and prayer I was okay to enter. I asked some ladies to pray for me and one friend made the comment: "run like the wind." This inspired me and I remembered it as I ran, feeling like the support from others was spurring me on. Despite my previous problems with my right leg and disc, my body handled the run fine. I used the time as a chance to talk to and think about God along the way. While running, I imagined the angels running with me and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Once I'd finished I read a WhatsApp prayer from Naomi. Unbeknown to me, she had been praying about angels and a good atmosphere for the runners around me. Then when I told Michelle, she said that she had also seen a picture of me running and the angels happily running around me. How cool is that? I praised God for being with me that day.  The run went so well that I didn't hit the usual wall at 30km, but keep going at a good pace, gaining 9th place overall with a good recovery afterwards.