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He Provides

My last car was fun. It was red, it had a turbo, and when you drove it around town people tried to race you. The only thing was that it was expensive... over the time we had it, we probably spent close to twice it's worth trying to get it running.

By October 2018, I was freaking out about the car again, having no idea how we were going to pay for it, and not feeling like it was good enough to sell due to all the hidden problems that had come up.

In the midst of that, I heard God whisper that he would take care of it and that he would provide a car by the end of the year. This was so out of the box and felt like such an audacious word to feel I'd heard from God, that I didn't tell anyone, and it even took me a month to tell my husband. Shortly after telling him this we then had a prophecy spoken over us that said: "You're entering a season like Christmas where Heaven will shower gifts over you."

2 months later I got a text from someone asking us out to coffee that night. That tiny part in my heart that carried God's promise leapt and grew and I knew that we were going to be given a car - it was so hard to keep my cool at work!

That night we meet with the person and they explained that God had challenged them to give away their car at about the same time that I felt God tell us he would have it sorted! We talked - I did most of the crying - and after a while, we drove home in our beautiful new car!

The experience is still so surreal, not only that we were given this incredible gift by someone who hardly knows us, but that it's a gift beyond our wildest dreams! It's fitted out perfectly for Justin's work and music - it's like it's been tailored specifically for us. God is so good, and we're so thankful for this person's faithfulness, strength, and confidence in following God's voice.

It's amazing thinking about God's faithfulness towards me. Right when I was freaking out about my car, God was stirring someone else's heart. He has always provided for me. And I believe he always will.

When all I am is filled with uncertainty, he is filled with hope and delight toward me as he can't wait to provide - not only what I need, but what I love!