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God Heals

Throughout last year I was having intense headaches/migraines. These were also affecting my vision and I was having trouble functioning in everyday life. I also had a lot happening in my life and was unsure how this was connected, however, had tried many things like getting rest, drinking water and having enough food. This was affecting my study, my social life and my family. I once got it during a trip to Rainbows End with my family. It was intense and made me quite sick, taking days to recover. These increased and were happening every two weeks. It was common for me to get blurred vision and I was sensitive to white light.

During an Encounter night last November I received prayer from a friend and I felt God move. Immediately my vision was better! Since then things have been significantly different. I can read again and I no longer suffer migraines.

I believe that it was a spiritual thing that left me. This spirit may have represented confusion because I was really doubting myself and my purpose. However, each time I felt it coming back I would pray and ask it to leave, covering myself with the blood of Jesus.