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God is in Control

The end of last year I completed my Accounting degree. When I saw a vacancy for an accounting technician position at church which was 16 hours per week, I felt that the Lord was saying to me that I must apply for it and see what He'll do for me. When I told my husband that I was applying for the position he said that we couldn't live on his salary and my 16-hour week. I ...

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God Heals

Throughout last year I was having intense headaches/migraines. These were also affecting my vision and I was having trouble functioning in everyday life. I also had a lot happening in my life and was unsure how this was connected, however, had tried many things like getting rest, drinking water and having enough food. This was affecting my study, my social life and my fami...

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Running with Jesus

Recently I ran in the Rotorua Marathon. During training for the event, I had an injury to my lower back disc. Four weeks out from the event I was considering pulling out, however after lots of physio and prayer I was okay to enter. I asked some ladies to pray for me and one friend made the comment: "run like the wind." This inspired me and I remembered it as I ran, feeling...

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He Provides

My last car was fun. It was red, it had a turbo, and when you drove it around town people tried to race you. The only thing was that it was expensive... over the time we had it, we probably spent close to twice it's worth trying to get it running. By October 2018, I was freaking out about the car again, having no idea how we were going to pay for it, and not feeling like ...

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Saying Goodbye to the Past

The pain of the past can cause us to stop living now. But with God's help our pain can be the beginning not the end. The BEST is yet to come. In Mark 14:3-8 we hear of a woman (in fact she was a prostitute) who "broke an alabaster flask of very costly fragrant oil and poured it on Jesus' head". Some criticised her saying that oil could have been sold and the money given ...

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In the Still

Each day I walk, each way I walk You are beside me Each mountain I climb, each valley I enter You are beside me You are there, you are there, you are there. In the still In the storm You are with me In the still In the storm I will be free In the air I breathe, in the wind of the trees You are beside me In the shifting sand and the spray of sea You are be...

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