Summer Gatherings

Come along to any of our campus locations from January 16 and get together in the evenings for some Summer fun! 

Sunday January 23, 6pm 

Picnic in Raglan

Marine Parade Playground & Skate Park, 61 Maine Parade, Raglan

Bring your own picnic blanket, bug spray, sports gear, sun block, BYO picnic/takeaways – cans of drink for sale $2

What happens if:
GREEN LIGHT- OPEN Groups of 100 max
ORANGE LIGHT - OPEN Groups of 50 max
RED LIGHT - OPEN Groups of 25 max
ITS RAINING - At Green we'll have a Movie night at Ruakura Campus and BYO Takeaways. If its Orange or Red - cancelled. 

Sunday January 30, 6pm 

Games Night

North Campus, 79 North City Road, Rototuna North

We’ll supply sausage sizzle and games – think three legged races, egg and spoon races, sack races! Cans of drink for sale $2
Bring your own game face, family, Activate Group, friends!

What happens if:
GREEN LIGHT- OPEN - We need to cap this event for the first 100 to arrive. Sorry! 
ORANGE LIGHT OPEN - We'll have 2 groups of 50 – one inside and one outside. We'll need to cap it for the first 50 to arrive.
RED LIGHT - We'll meet via Zoom