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What a privilege and responsibility to be able to invest in the great harvest happening right now around the world! At Activate Church Hamilton we are purposed to activate community transformation in the nations through the proclamation of the gospel in innovate ways.

We want you to feel included in our missions initiative, and contribute to this effort through praying, giving, encouraging, loving, and/or going.

All that is happening and all that will happen is being advanced by people like yourself making “Faith Commitments”, sacrificially giving so that our kingdom values are carried out globally, even to “the least of these”. Our Global Mandate is to make disciples, establish, and strengthen churches and extend the Kingdom of God, as directed by the Holy Spirit.

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Update From Kaye Fickling - Belgium
Operation Mobilisation Belgium

A story of breakthrough among the ruins

Our visual art team at OM has been experiencing a lot of new growth recently, both in numbers and in the process of defining who we are, and what this ministry is. This means that there is a great sense of momentum which we are seeing with this ministry. Our team doubled (from 4 – 8 people) in a number of months and new people are expressing interest in being a part of our team regularly. I love what God is building among us! Several months ago we had a visit from the person in ‘OM Arts International’ who is in charge of the pastoral care of all of the artists in OM. Through talking to him as a group (of 4 people at the time) we realised that it would be greatly beneficial for us to have an artist mentor for our ministry. So, we have connected with a lovely lady called Libby who is from the States and has experience of being a pioneering full-time artist with OM in Spain with a team there. Once our 4 new team members arrived by September we had defined a few questions that needed answers and we decided that it was a good idea to have a Vision Day. So, we found the beautiful old ruins of an Abbey in Wallonia (the southern region of Belgium) and had our vision day there. We took time during the day to seek God and what He wanted to say to the group as a whole and let Him be in charge of the direction of the group as we move into the future. We took time to be creative with what God was showing us and, when we came together again to share what He had said to each one of us, He confirmed His word to us in the way that the pictures complimented each other very well. The overall theme was that God can bring things that once were dead/cut off back to life. And, even in the midst of a ruin, signs of new life can be seen.

One of the big questions I had been trying to answer when it came to the nature and focus of our arts ministry has been whether we were going to be a) an artist collective that does the vast majority of their things together as a whole group, or b) an artist support group that would support each artist in their local context. I struggled with this question because I didn’t want to take time, energy and focus away from opportunities that each of us might have in our local contexts (most of our team members work with local churches and so we are quite spread out geographically). But, during our Vision Day, God gave me the word “Project.” He showed me that we could have a project approach so that people can choose to be involved with whatever projects that will fit in/around what they are doing in their local context. But, also we agreed that we would continue with all being involved in an Easter event that involves the visual arts once a year as we have done for the last 3 out of 4 years. This structure also makes it easy for people outside of OM to be involved in the projects as they would only have to meet with the others who are involved in that project instead of having to be available to meet with us for our regular meetings on Tuesday afternoons.

I would like to take a moment here to say a huge THANK YOU to Activate Creative for standing with me in prayer to see this breakthrough in my ministry happen. They contacted me before their Creative Night on the 3rd of May to ask how they could pray for me. I asked them to pray for breakthrough in the areas of momentum and unity and we are now seeing this become a reality before our eyes. Thank you so much for standing in the gap for me! It has made a huge difference in the visual arts ministry at OM!

We have planned our first exhibition! It is called, “Who Am I?” It will be held at the OM base with the opening being on the 1st of November. We are inviting our fellow OMers from Belgium to come and see what we have done on the opening evening so that they can hear from us about our pieces of art and see this new wave of art in this new season from our ministry. The exhibition will then be open for 3 or 4 months.

Thank you for continuing to walk this journey with me.  I feel each one of you walking alongside me as I go about following His calling here in Belgium!

Watch this space!!

Kaye in Belgium